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Configurator Database Report 2016

The Configurator Research of cyLEDGE – creating the world’s leading reference book

Our journey to understand the future of customer and company relationships in the age of customized products and services continued with the publishing of the Configurator Database Report 2016.

We decided to systematically collect and analyze web-based configurators in 2007 and started the Configurator Database Project ( In 2016 we could identify 1200 product configurators that are accessible online for the interested user. But behind this continuously growing number of real online cases processes of change shape this field of mass customization: customizable products arrive on stage and others disappear.

We are happy that this report serves as a reference book for a growing number of practitioners and researchers to get an overview about the wide range of existing configurable products, a world in which individual needs and expectations are embedded as part of the product experience.

With the Configurator Database Report 2013 we tried to shed light on the status quo of web-based product configurators and analyzed 900 of these with a special focus on social media integration. But we learned that this could only be a snapshot in time with fan participation numbers in steady flow. In 2014 we reframed the report idea and focused on a listing of product configurators with maximal possible completeness, finding a total number of 970 and making this wealth of creative and innovative solutions accessible for the interested mind by structuring it according industries, highlighting the offered products and having a look at the origin of the companies behind these configurators. We continued this approach in 2015 with listing 1050 configurators. For this Configurator Database Report 2016 we re-checked the listed configurators in the Configurator Database, made new screenshots and updated the entries, having now an impressive total number of 1200 web-based configurators covered. The aim of this report is to provide market information, statistics and an overview about different product configuration offerings of mass customization companies.

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Different Versions of the Configurator Database Report 2016 are available:

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