Vilje & Vekst: The growing will to customize

On the 26th of April 2018 the conference “Vilje & Vekst” (Will & Growth) took place in the beautiful Norwegian UNESCO heritage town Røros. The main topic was to show how business can grasp and exploit new opportunities in middle Norway through innovation and customer-focused development. The conference highlighted three possibilities and invited the guests to discuss these in depth: bioeconomics, experience economy and future for product manufacturing industry in the region.

As part of the conference Paul Blazek from cyLEDGE talked about “The Customization Experience - Understanding the Interaction of Customers with Companies in the Age of Mass Customization”. During the informative day also Lars Skjelstad, the cyLEDGE scientific partner from the research institution SINTEF, gave an inspiring speech about “Mass Customization - a Suitable Business Strategy for Norwegian Manufactures” and Hanne Mari Hindklev from Røros Produkter shared insights in their waste bin configurator project, that is developed together with cyLEDGE and SINTEF.

Norwegian companies understand that rethinking the customer centered value chain brings tremendous advantages: the growing will to customize requires smart product solutions that are delivering specific values. The customer value proposition is beating the unique selling proposition and especially in countries with expensive production cost structures a product differentiation driven by individuality is becoming a crucial way to survive market pressure.

At cyLEDGE we help companies to understand and tap the full potential of the upcoming age of customization. And we are proud to work together with Norwegian thought leaders that want to leave a trace in the economic landscape of this open-minded country.