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██║       ╚██╔╝  ██║     ██╔══╝  ██║  ██║██║   ██║██╔══╝
╚██████╗   ██║   ███████╗███████╗██████╔╝╚██████╔╝███████╗
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2 Oct. 2017

DrupalCon 2017 FTW

This year’s DrupalCon took place in Vienna, home to the cyLEDGE headquarters! It was a great opportunity for cyLEDGE to get more involved with the Drupal-project, and meet some of its contributors face-to-face. Arriving at the venue for the much-anticipated keynote by Drupal’s founder, we were greeted by a crowd of talented minds from all over the world.

The inspiring talk included an interesting analysis of Drupal’s increasingly important role on the internet landscape, as well as an overview of the roadmap for future development. In the following days we visited sessions by professionals from various fields of expertise, getting in on the latest tips and tricks!


cyLEDGE proudly sponsored a BOF (birds of a feather) discussion room – a creative space for groups working on extending Drupal’s features. The amount know-how the community has gained overcoming challenges of modern web development is impressive. Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts!


Why is Drupal important to us? Part of developing a winning strategy is choosing the right tools. Drupal greatly facilitates our development and we are happy to see it that it is more popular than ever in 2017!

Congratulations to the DrupalCon organizers and the Drupal community on a successful event!

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