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14 Nov. 2016

cyLEDGE Research: Generation Y’s attitude towards Mass Customization

Due to several attitudes, behaviors and skills Members of Generation Y qualify themselves as promising target group for mass customization. Their need for uniqueness and internet affinity nurtures the assumption that GenYs show a high acceptance of online mass customization offerings and develop to become frequent customers of companies that offer customizable products.

In a research project of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and cyLEDGE Media we could identify astonishing facts:

A conducted quantitative study (n=247) among GenYs surprises with the result that the actual interest in customization of this age group shows an unexpected – but targetable - resistance. Especially the activities and developments of female GenYs are promising. And the perceived positive effects on overall image and brand reception shows that companies nevertheless are well advised to offer customization if targeting GenYs! A clear outcome is that a company is better evaluated in terms of customer orientation, topicality and professionalism, when customization is possible. GenYs expect customization, although they will not utilize it necessarily and only half of the participating GenYs have purchased online customized products already. Trustworthiness of an online shop is a major issue – and various activities targeting this buying barrier can strengthen the sales performance.

Our CEO Paul Blazek presented the research findings on the MCP-CE 2016 in Novi Sad.

If you are interested in the full academic paper, that was published in the conference proceedings, send us a mail: office@cyledge.com

We are the leading partner of trust for companies who want to enter the world of customization.

Paul at MCP-CE 2016

Paul at MCP-CE 2016

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