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 ------------------WE LOVE THE WEB-----------------------
12 Dec. 2014

Unique Configurator for Ünique Skis

Together with the two ambitious guys from Ünique Skis, namely Dominic Haffner and Clemens Frankl, we launched our first ski configurator today: www.unique-skis.com/create

The configurator is not only nice to look at and easy to handle, it also provides a lot of possibilities to customize your individual ski. As the configurator targets on professional skier, users can determine numeric values like length, radius, height, weight and many more. The result is shown realtime in a 2D graphic.

To be on safe side each configuration is verified by Dominic and Clemens, who advice each customer with their skiing expertise and technical knowledge. Besides cyLEDGE also made the concept and technical implementation of the website www.unique-skis.com.

We love this project, the teamwork and are very proud of this magnificent result ;)

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