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28 Nov. 2014

cyLEDGE innovates the internal communication at Schneider Electric

Keeping Managers and employees informed and up-to-date

Schneider Electric, a multinational big player and global specialist in energy management, decided to innovate the way how managers and employees are provided with key company news.

Schneider Electric Switzerland has chosen cyLEDGE to work on this vision and identify tools and channels to disrupt the way internal corporate information is handled by the responsible sender and the particular recipient.

One result of this communication journey is in working mode now already, a customizable tool for smartphones with an intuitive navigation to give fast access to different topics: a web app named talkS. The solution is powered in the backend by a smart and easy to handle Content Management System to publish key information on Schneider Electric’s business solutions, products and services.

„talkS has a great and intuitive user interface that allowed us to implement a sophisticated and smart way to keep our management teams informed on company news issued by the Schneider Electric press department. We are a global company with more than 160.000 employees operating in nearly all markets worldwide. So it is a challenge for our managersto keep themselves up-to-date on key company news, business innovations and project launches that could matter for their local market”, says Frank Spenna, Communication Director Global Marketing at Schneider Electric

talkS is used by the press department to create teaser streams in several news sections of the webapp.“The streams are a huge time saver for our management staff, as it would just not be possible to go through all the press releases about our company“, adds Frank.

The main benefit of talkS is to provide information needed prior to press conferences, business events or meetings and to strengthen the awareness of communicating in terms of actual facts and project achievements.

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