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6 Dec. 2013

MCPC 2014 – Twenty years of Mass Customization – towards new frontiers

2013 is almost over and therefore we want to announce the first highlight of 2014: The MCPC 2014! The upcoming world conference on Mass Customization, Personalization and Co-Creation will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on February 4th - 7th.

The topic of the conference is “Twenty years of Mass Customization – towards new frontiers”. Along with general Mass Customization issues, the conference addresses Mass Customization from a historical perspective, looking at both Mass Customization in the past 20 years and towards the new frontiers in the 20 years to come.

The MCPC 2014 is a multi‐track conference featuring a combination of high profile keynotes with expert talks, panel discussions, paper sessions, workshops, receptions, and much more. The first keynotes have already been arranged. We are very looking forward to the presentations of two of the major MC experts Joseph Pine and Frank Piller. But we are also very happy to announce that we will present our own paper “Food Customization – An Analysis of Product Configurators in the Food Industry” at the MCPC2014.

Food customization is one of the fastest developing industries in the field of mass customization. There is quite a high number of well-known MC companies in this field: MyMuesli, Chocri and My M&M’s, just to name a few. The variety of product configurators is wide ranging, from customizable tea to popcorn and sausages. We will illustrate the content of our paper in more detail in a future blog posting - so stay tuned if you are interested in the delicious side of mass customization.

And don’t forget to register for the conference! Registration will be opened until February 1th.

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