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1 Nov. 2013

cyLEDGE at E-Commerce Forum 2020 in Athens

Autumn 2013 is filled with many interesting conferences and festivals concerning innovation, pioneering effort and customization. As we love that we are glad to announce that we’ll be part of another great event in November: “E-Commerce Forum 2020. The way to excellence”.

The conference is set from 21 – 22 November in Athens and will bring together those who like e-commerce and innovation, entrepreneurs of traditional trade and established brands.

The aim of the conference is to guide entrepreneurs from Greek trade to achieve excellence in the field of e-commerce. For the first time not only Greek experts but also international speakers will take part at this event and talk about their experiences in different fields of e-commerce like shopping club, e-Food, information systems for e-business or the Internationalization of Electronic Commerce Businesses.

Apart from these topics mass customization will play an important role and be presented by our CEO Paul Blazek who will talk about “Mass Customization - Creating Customer Value in E-Commerce”.

The event is organized by DIRECTIONS and neoecommerce.gr, a leading blog for e-commerce in the Greek market. Together they managed to arrange a promising conference, including great speakers from all over the world. Participants will get the chance to get a closer look to different types of (international) electronic commerce enterprises from different sectors and with different features.

We at cyLEDGE are glad to present new experiences and possibilities to revolutionize the online market.

E-Commerce in Athens

####Further information Place: The American College of Greece, Pierce Theater, Athens, Greece Grab the last tickets here!

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