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Configurators are our passion

The core focus of cyLEDGE to help companies set up the right product configuration space brought us worldwide recognition. We made it to our mission to understand the mechanisms behind these interactive tools.

cyLEDGE has created the world’s largest knowledge platform for digital interaction design, the Configurator Database, which contains now 1200 different online product configurators. As the field of mass customization gains more importance, the number of configurators in the database is rising. Nevertheless quite a number of product configurators vanished over time and so they were removed from the database.
Due to its amount and up-to-date entries, the Configurator Database is mentioned in various academic papers, books, journals and websites. Many scientists, journalists and companies doing mass customization use the database for informing themselves about latest developments in the dynamic field of product customization.

In January 2013 we startet to published some of our findings and insights in the yearly Configurator Database Reports. The aim of every Configurator Database Report is to provide a printed documentation of the interaction tools used in the field of mass customization by companies to interact with their customers. It displays the status quo of online configurators that are listed in the Configurator Database at the time of publishing and shows the expanding variety of products, which can be customized.

Visit www.lulu.com or Amazon to buy one of these reports, now available also as B/W Edition for an attractive price and E-Book Edition.

We also publish some detailed findings of our research on how diigtal interaction patterns are chaning in papers and book chapters. For a list of recent publications have a look at our research section.